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These eBooks, and/or books, are written by inspirational authors, and will give you a wide gamut of titles.

From personal experiences to miracles, from tragedy to triumph, heart-warming stories which are sure to inspire you. This is truly a Biblical Gold Mine, a unique niche of good Christian eBooks and books for the Christian reader and Christian author alike !

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"1 & 2 Kings"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"The Mormon Missionaries"
by Janis Hutchinson

"1 & 2 Samuel"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

by F. Wayne Mac Leod

by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Vengeance & Betrayal"
by John Cunningham Jr.
"Overcoming Anxiety"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Divine Dining"
by Janet K. Brown

by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Legacy and Love"
by Paula Mowery,

by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"One Smooth Stone"
by Marcia Lee Laycock

"If Your Brother Sins"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Secrets of the Bible"
by Gerald Simpkins

by J. Helen Elza

"In Him"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Known By Our Fruit"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"The Tempering Agent"
by Victoria Pitts-Caine
"More Than Conquerors"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod
by Linda Bonney Olin
"Sanctuary of Nine Dragons"
(Book Three)
by Christina Weigand

(Palace of the Twelve Pillars)
"Our God Reigns"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

"Liberty Belle"
by Patricia PacJac Carroll
"Golden Dreams"
by Patricia PacJac Carroll
"Down to Earth"
by Patricia PacJac Carroll
"Mud On My Knees"
by Debra Bosacki

(Prayer Guide)
"Winter's Past"
by Mary E Hanks

(2nd Chance Series)
by Diane Wilkie

(A Simple Guide to Prayer)
"Swallowed by Life"
by Ada Brownell

(Mysteries of Death, Resurrection and the Eternal)
"Psalm 23 in New Zealand and the Nations"
by S. L. Poulton

"My Heart Beats For You"
by Paula Lynn McGrew
"The Key To Heavenly Relationships"
by Gary W. Franklin
"A Starry Night"
by Mary Ellen Green
"Self Esteem Bible Scriptures"
by Shnail Morris

(Building Your Self Esteem and Self Worth Through Gods Word)
"Pressing On"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

(Strength and Comfort from Philippians 3:7-16)
"The Ugly Daughter"
by Julia Legian

(A thrilling real life journey to self discovery, riches and spirituality)
"Resting in His Purpose"
by F. Wayne Mac Leod

(Learning to Be Content in a Complex World)
"Warm My Heart"
by Tessa Stockton

(Hearts in Africa)

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