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I have done some detailed research here and there from seasoned, successful authors for good
guidelines about what to and what not to do when self-publishing a book.

Hopefully the tidbits I have gathered will help you !

Riley Geddings

Don't Publish A Poor-Quality Book

Without a shadow of a doubt, any book which is badly written and structured, poorly proofread, badly formatted or full of errors and typos will fail miserably. Rushing to publish before a manuscript is up to an acceptable standard can only be a sales disaster.

Even if the manuscript is good, a sub-standard book cover is another sales blunder. Homemade book covers might seem like a bargain, but let's face it, they look cheap. Book readers and book buyers will know at a glance the covers are not professional.

Another thing authors overlook is the book description. You need a good description. One or two sentences is not a good description, nor is a long preview of the first chapter. Remember, the book description snags the book buyer's interest right away, and few authors take the time to do it correctly.

Is Self-Publishing Really Free?

Self-publishing is a Godsend to many authors and usually totally free, but after the free publishing, "free" takes a back seat.

To make a profit in business almost always requires making an investment, and self-publishing is the same.

If you want to publish the right way, you should expect certain costs. Some of these are professional book covers, editing, proofreading, book promotion and advertising... all of which are necessary for successful self-publishing.

We aren't talking thousands of dollars here, but you must maintain a modest budget for these investments, or else it will be very hard to be a success.

Are You Promoting Your Book In A Fish Bowl?

Lots of posts on social media about your new book is normally pointless, and more so if you are an unknown author.

Publishing a book is very exciting and probably causes you to think, "I need a Twitter account and a Facebook page for my book!". This is a very common mistake.

These new accounts have very few followers, and bombarding those handfuls of new followers with a book can lose them all right away. It will be self-defeating for you.

Even if you have had a social media presence for a long while, promoting your book should have begun way in advance of publishing it.

"I Believe My Book Is For Everyone To Read"

Well, not really... your book will fit in a particular category by genre, and there is a good reason for this.

Only certain readers read certain books, and they have very particular tastes in what books they buy and read.

Very few book readers will read a book selected "Willy Nilly"... they are real picky.

Taking the time to learn and understand the demographic and type of reader your book is aimed at becomes a huge benefit when it comes time to bring your book to market.

Trying to promote and advertise a romance novel to avid readers of spy novels or science fiction is going to be a big waste of money. However, knowing what defines your small market niche will put your advertising and promotion expenditure to much better use.

"I've Worked Real Hard Writing This Book,
It Should Be Priced High"

Pricing your book above the normal market price never works. Even though it was a big, long job for you to write your book, and you may believe $9.99 is a reasonable price for your hard work, you need to stay within the pricing constraints.

How you think or feel has absolutely no bearing on marketing books.

If your book price is outside the 'purchasing range' is has very little chance of selling.

It is much better to sell 100 books at $0.99 each rather than no books at $9.99 each.

"I Finally Finished Writing My Book -
Time To Publish It Now"

MISTAKE! Speedy publishing is the most common reason a book will not sell.

Without a detailed plan when you self-publish, your rush can cause a guaranteed failure. Don't put the cart before the horse.

An author should have a thorough plan, lots of preparation, a good base of followers, lots of promotion, plus an advertising budget to put the odds in his or her favor.

Self-publishing is not a race... do it right!

It is the process of bringing a quality product to market for people to buy. No amount of wishing and hoping will help, but planning and preparation certainly will.


If you are planning to self-publish, give you and your book at least a chance of success by taking your time and getting the essential elements in place before you publish.

It's not rocket science. Make sure your book is of the highest quality, pay for a great cover, write an absolutely fantastic book description, know your niche market and build a social media base around it and develop a promotion plan and budget.

Do all this BEFORE you publish, and you will have a much, much better chance of success with your book.

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